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Way of the Viper Cade Wilson is a troubled man. The shadows of his past are haunting him, and he knows he must make things right––but he feels so far away from where he started and no closer to where his heart belongs. As Viper, he was one of three elite warriors trained by a deadly samurai from Japan to fight in the service of their Benefactor, and honor bound to expand and defend their master’s landholdings in the New Mexico Territory. Then Cade experienced love and a glimpse of the normal life he so desperately wants. But to have love and a family of his own, he must escape the life of eternal servitude. Now he is the last of the samurai cowboys, and the blood on his hands cannot be undone. His Benefactor seeks retribution and will stop at nothing to see that Viper does not interfere with his business. To be free, Cade must take a dangerous journey to confront his Benefactor and face Toshi, their master's personal bodyguard and the man who taught him the way of the samurai. But Cade is not alone. He discovers that he's not the only one with a wounded heart or a painful past, and he will need to trust his new friends to find his way and survive with big game hunters on his trail. Way of the Viper is the second action-packed book in The Samurai Cowboys series.
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