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If you want your HFA child to develop their social and emotional skills within 6 months, then keep reading…

Parenting is hard. Period

Parenting a HFA child can be twice as challenging. Take it from a Mom that knows and has already walked the path. Dealing with tantrums, meltdowns, self-regulation, and social/emotional barriers are all part and partial of life as a parent now...and you don’t want to be the parent that is unprepared.

According to the American Psychological Association, (2020) 66% of parents with autistic children are under stress that may impact their health-related quality of life. -- It is a stressful job. So if you are looking for advice, tips, and strategies to help you and your family, then this book is for you.

In this book you will discover:

  • The single most powerful tool to help understand your child better in under 5 minutes.

  • The most commonly made mistakes parents with a new HFA diagnosis make, which even the professionals make!

  • How to overcome the battles with boundary setting in 3 simple steps.

  • 5 things you can do right now to improve your home environment. 

  • Black and white information to help you choose the right school so your child feels at home while learning.

  • Why you need to use your child’s interests to your advantage.

  • How to rapidly transform your bedtime routine to get your child to sleep.

  • The most honest advice to help you through your everyday life.

  • And so much more...

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