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Three Trees by Richard Adamski


Three Trees is an enchanting fantasy adventure that begins with woodland creatures going to three mighty oak trees that are situated in the centre of a cornfield. The Nobles (the wisest woodland creatures) inform everyone that Ron and Reg Crow twins and their raven gang have returned to the area.

Three seasons ago they distributed bark tablets in the woodland. Now, the Crow twins plan to take the sap from Three Trees to make the most addictive bark tablet ever.
The plot may be used as a warning against involvement with drugs, or even a satirical commentary on the influence of gangs and organized crime on many of today’s youth. Whatever messages one may or may not perceive, the story is a fun and involving adventure with a wealth of unique and likeable characters.

No one had taken the weed tonight, and no woodland creature had taken any other illegal substances. Tonight it was as if they were all shouting out:

‘We don’t need the weed or any other illegal substance to have a good time!’

A new era was beginning in the woodland, and it had started already.

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