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The Mind Detective by Shirley Yanez


The extraordinarily open and honest tale of self-realization when reaching rock bottom.

The Mind Detective is a compassionate but forceful single minded unwavering pulse, a bit like a flee in your ear pushing you to face your resistance to change, the writer calls this your unconscious ego and throughout the book she slowly and simply introduces you to yours cleverly through her own story and reveals how all the behaviours controlled by this entity are the reason you don’t feel good inside.

This book is NOT just another self-help guide peddling makeover mantras and mindset makeovers, it is a powerful memoir within a self-therapy journey for the reader based on the extraordinary life experiences of the writer.

Could you imagine after years of climbing the wrong ladder out of poverty, reaching the unimaginable heights of money power and success, ending up homeless, penniless, and dying in Hollywood?

Psychology and the inner workings of the mind challenge academics at the highest level but what this book does is break down in a way anyone can understand what you are dealing with when it comes to understanding the relationships between your mind, different to your brain, body and spirit or soul.

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