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If you need a companion for your health journey, then keep reading…

She stumbles out of bed, and the thought of food enters her waking mind. As she gets ready for work, she catches a glance of herself in the mirror. A feeling of disgust overcomes her because she doesn’t look like that girl. Subsequently, she decides to stick to her coffee and a bite of pineapple spear. 

Throughout the morning, thoughts about food distract her from work. The image of her overweight body haunts her. Shame and desperation to change emerge from the corners of her mind, so she orders the low-calorie salad at lunch.

By the evening, her body screams at her demanding food. Her willpower is weak at this point, and she gives in. She eats everything in sight, drowning her in the feelings of inadequacy. 

In this book, you will discover:

• the reason why dieters can’t lose weight permanently 
• why tying your worth to your physical body will rob you of happiness
• the difference between the Dieter’s Mindset and Health Mindset 
• the root cause of poor eating behaviors 
• why changing your eating behaviors for good is so difficult 
• why writing your personal definition of health is more powerful than any fad diet 
• how to eat well for your unique body 
• the tools needed to cultivate health and happiness

and much more!

You can reach your health goals, even if you’ve failed at every other diet in your life. You can feel good and love your body, even if you cringe every time you look in the mirror. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or striving to gain health; it’s how we go about it. 

Here lies the code to cultivating a healthy mind. When your mind is healthy, your body will follow. 

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