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Road To Nirvana: The Sikh Way by Satwinder Singh


This book traces the background, history, and moral philosophy of the Sikhs and their religion. In chapter 1 the reader is acquainted with a carefully researched historical background of Punjab state in northern India where the majority of Sikhs reside. Presently, Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world with a following of 25 million devotees. Chapter 2 explains the lives and contributions of ten Sikh Gurus which led to the growth of the Sikh religion. The descriptive analysis of chapter 2 is followed with the theoretical underpinnings of religion and leadership in the explanation of the growth of Sikh religion.
The teachings of Sikh scripture are lucidly explained in chapter 4. In chapter 5 moral principles of Sikhism are analysed vis-à-vis the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s model of moral philosophy as enumerated in his classic work 
Nicomachean Ethics. The descriptive and analytical discussions lead to chapter 6 which explains as how the Road to Nirvana can be navigated following moral principles of Sikhism. Nirvana is a concept found in all Indian religions and means a state of ultimate bliss and happiness.
The book is lucidly written and will appeal to a large number of audience, including first time readers and those with an elementary knowledge of Sikh religion. Practicing academics will find the theoretical underpinnings of religion and leadership a useful addition to their expertise. Research students will find the chapter on modelling 
Nirvana a valuable guide in their research. A useful glossary and a list of key dates has also been added by the author in the beginning of the book.

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