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Quantum Inception by Robin G Howard


A terrifying new challenge faces Agent Jim Long space adventurer as he is recalled back to HQ.

 Ordered urgently back to headquarters at the centre of the galaxy, Jim Long, a space agent of the galaxy police, is attacked and beset by several incidents of a destructive nature. Arriving at HQ on Krakor, he receives top security clearance and a meeting with the Supreme Chief Officer commanding the federation. Here, Jim is updated and trained, then flung into new quantum realities he never knew existed. He obtains two bracelets linked to the computers at the planet’s centre that take him out of time to other dimensions and out-of-body on the astral planes of the spirit.

Trying to cope with the magnitude of the new science leads to fast-paced decisions and action, plus the loss of his assistant, Gail, kidnapped by a strange dark force. The puzzling trail to find her leads through several other terrifying and unbelievable quantum dimensions, with the one of darkness always one step ahead.   

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