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Have you ever wondered about ANYTHING to do with psychology?

Sure you have

Psychology Confidential is an opportunity to plunge deep into the world of psychology through the intimate, humorous and uniquely informed perspective of Dr. John Martin. In stories, anecdotes, tales and adventures taken from his own life and career, Dr. John provides readers with insights on the curious, sometimes crazy, findings and people of psychology (including himself!), his world travels (especially to Africa), and fascinating animal psychology.

Psychology Confidential chronicles Dr. John’s journey through the world of psychology as student, teacher, researcher and therapist. Along the way, he offers candid reflections on his work with veterans, their trauma, as well as the journey of faith he took to heal his own.

Unlike other books about psychology, Psychology Confidential is a deeply personal and applied exploration of how psychology shows up in and shapes our own lives. Unlike memoirs or autobiographies, Dr. John’s stories give a unique perspective on the development of the field he studied and contributed to for so many years.

In the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to navigate common perceptions and misconceptions about psychology.
  • Where it can be applied to deepen and enrich your life and relationships.
  • The rich, funny, and hard-won insights from one man’s journey through it all

Dr. John’s tour through psychology provides food for the soul and a richly informative glimpse into a world that is rarely presented so intimately and honestly.

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