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Sick and tired of the city’s hustle and bustle, Laura took her best-friend, Ava’s invitation to escape it all by visiting her small-town. Clean fresh air, quiet nature and serenity, It was everything Laura needed, except, This visit was gonna turn her entire life upside-down. It started the moment she saw Jack riding by on his bike. Her excitement peaked instantly. Tall, magazine handsome, and muscular with tattoos. He’s huge, her dad’s age and her best friend’s dad. He’s off-limits. But what happens when the forbidden man can’t resist her thick thighs and sweet curves? What happens when mishaps got her spending days under the same roof. Things get so hot and wild, he never withdraws. They try to keep things a secret to avoid the big mess it could cause. But with two pink lines and his baby growing inside her, Their situation is about to explode in so many ways. This is quick, short, and extremely filthy read with loads of heat and all the juicy details.
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