Two desperate women search for answers in this gripping Urban Fantasy double-header. Miriam craves escape from her dead-end life in Iowa City. A stranger's offer could make her dream come true... or plunge her into a nightmare. Sara, reporter for a struggling paper, stumbles on a cryptic recording—one she doesn't remember making. Could uncovering the truth destroy her career... or her family? The quiet suburb of Bolingbrook masks dark secrets. Stories about local paranormal activities fill the pages of the local tabloid, the Bolingbrook Babbler. Are they just tales or terrifying truths? Will Miriam embrace a dark path? Will Sara risk everything to expose a secret? Dive into Pathways to Bolingbrook, the captivating first chapter of the Bolingbrook Babbler Stories, and discover the unsettling and unbelievable truths hiding in the shadows of the Brook.
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