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These foraging secrets might just save your life — stay up to date before it’s too late.

So, you’ve decided you want to reap the rewards from all that mother nature has to offer, have you?

You live in one of the most beautiful and bountiful locations on the planet… So why wouldn’t you tap into all of this potential?

But did you know that amongst all the beauty and the wide assortment of plants and fungi, there is also a large handful of dangerous and even poisonous look-alikes?

Sure, it’d be nice if you could just go out and grab whatever looks good before throwing it in a pot for some stew -- but unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward.

That’s not to say that the forest is a dangerous place -- quite the opposite is true, actually.

You just have to make sure that you know what you’re doing!

With clear, to-the-point, and reliable information on how to find and identify edible plants, you’ll never again be stuck wondering about your safety.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you do or don't have when it comes to identifying plants, with this guide, all your bases are covered.

Serving as your foundation of knowledge, you’ll be able to gather, prepare, and preserve all kinds of plants, risk-free.

In Pacific Northwest Foraging for Beginners, you’ll discover:

  • 7+ of the most beneficial reasons why foraging for your food is a great idea -- for mind, body, and spirit
  • What to pay attention to when harvesting wild plants -- the key to making sure you are doing everything in the most sustainable way possible
  • 8 common signs that a plant is poisonous
  • What over-harvesting looks like and how you can avoid this -- help keep the wild beauty of mother nature intact
  • Why you need to be using the correct tools -- and a deeper look at what those are, as well as where you can get them
  • A universal plant testing method for you to begin using today -- be certain the plants you forage are the ones you think they are
  • A seasonal harvesting calendar -- prepare your foraging plan months in advance and maximize all the benefits of your time spent in the forest

… and much more!

You can’t just go out into the forest and wing it -- that’s how people become ill.

However, properly educating yourself in this space doesn’t take a lot of time or energy.

With the right focus and determination, you can become a Pacific Northwest foraging pro in no time at all.

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