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Do you want to lose weight quickly while still enjoying your favourite foods?

The Mediterranean diet has been established and verified as the complete way of life that will not only help in shedding unwanted weight and at the same time prevent major diseases.

In this book, you will discover:

·        Main features of the Mediterranean diet

·        Benefits of the Mediterranean diets

·        Why Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle

·        How to transition into your Mediterranean lifestyle

·        How Mediterranean diet will help you lose that extra pound

·        How to plan your Mediterranean diets

·        And much more…….

Studies have confirmed that it is easier to lose more weight on the Mediterranean diet than most other meal type. Research by Esposito K, et al in 2009 showed that people on Mediterranean diet lost 9.7pounds(4.4kg) while those on low fat-controlled diets lost 6.4pounds(2.9kg) in the same period (10.3 pounds(4.7kg).

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