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Teaching mechanical engineering at night is not my idea of a good time.
I know absolutely nothing about teaching.
Some judge thought it would be a great way for me to help my community.
Translation, she ordered me to teach night school three nights a week as part of my community service sentence.

I’d rather be in jail.

But my club has enemies.
The last thing I need to be is locked up in a jail with no one to watch my back.

The first night I show up, I almost turn around and leave.
One thing stops me.

Sophia Merrell.
She's a beautiful red head, curvy as hell, with an hour glass figure that I want to run my hands all over.
She’s here with the vocational school to oversee me.
I’d much prefer if she was under me.

She normally teaches Introduction to Anatomy.

I’ve decided to make a deal with her.
I’ll teach her all about how to work on a vehicle and in return?
In return, I’m willing to be her one and only stud….
Errr… student in very private Anatomy classes.

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