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Hockey Single-Dad & Nanny by Kathilee Riley

I’M BREAKING HIS EVERY RULE. HE’S MELTING MY PANTIES. Working for Nick Novack, a wealthy, gorgeous hockey captain is what dreams are made of. Wrong. It’s a nightmare. My boss hates me, because of an incident on my first day. I suspect he wants me to quit working as the nanny to his five-year-old, but I have dreams of going back to college. Nothing’s going to stand in my way. Not my grumpy, intolerable boss. Nor his stupid rules that I can’t help breaking. Not the fact that he's hot as sin. Definitely not when I start noticing his lingering, panty-melting eyes on my curvy body. Crossing that line means risking a job I desperately need. But when Nick comes home in an unusually good mood one night and finds me swimming in his pool. We get lost in a steamy, sheet-gripping night. I forget about the risk. For a moment. Until the devastating and unexpecting surprise.
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