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Today, the people of Earth live in the dark, unaware of the many who left centuries ago to conquer the stars. Now the descendants of those who left have returned, and some have Earth in their sights.

Dan Kalendis, a hunter from the planet Janus, spends his days searching Earth for his own kind, ensuring our world is protected from external threats. When he learns of a young woman with nanotech in her blood, Dan believes she may hold critical information that could signal the beginning of an invasion.

Short on allies and a long way from home, Dan will have to go it alone if he is to locate her before the enemy and secure what secrets she holds. But time is not on his side. With war looming, Dan must hope that the actions of the few can save the many.

Guardians of Terra is a thrilling science fiction adventure that will take you from the streets of present-day Earth to the outer Solar System.

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