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Flotsam & Jetsam by Frank Ryan


William Wallace, though of Scottish ancestry, was born in County Mayo in the west of Ireland in 1849 to Ulster Presbyterian parents. Due to their financial situation they agree to travel south and farm a plot left idle, after it's previous tenant has abandoned it for a new life in America. In later years this 'accident of birth' would cause conflict regarding his identity, leading him to leave Ireland for ever.

It is now the year 1872, in Warrington, England, where this one-time farmer and mariner, is about to marry Mary O'Dowd a widow, almost ten years his senior. In order to marry her he has converted to the Roman Catholic faith, but not everyone thinks this 'Orange-man' a suitable husband for her. To find out if they are justified we must return to an Ireland of bigotry, famine and and downright rebellion!

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