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Fake-dating the man who knows my deepest, darkest secret. What could go wrong? For four years. I’ve been praying to never run into Gideon Carter again. Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, the ladies biggest treat, my biggest threat. All my prayers have gone unanswered when a promising movie deal lands me right back at his feet. I wait for him to bring up that awful night, but he doesn’t. Instead, he offers me a proposal. Be his fake girlfriend for six months, for his scandalous reasons, but for me, it’s my biggest opportunity. I’ve finally been thrown a lifeline. So I dance with the devil, say yes. It’s only business. I’ll never get lost in those dark, penetrating eyes. That mysterious smile. His heart-fluttering charm. I won’t risk all I’ve got by falling for a notorious playboy. Not when Gideon has the power to ruin my life. But what happens when I fall anyway?
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