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Duality Protocol by Christopher B Lane


Humanity is at a crossroads. Artificial intelligence is replacing the need for human endeavour, while climate change is leaving many regions uninhabitable.

A weary UK elects a government that promises better times. With near-total support, The People's Council pursues a policy of closed borders and self-sufficiency. Millie Adams is born into this age where the Citizen Implant determines those 'Truly Deserving' of access to health care and other finite resources.

When neuroscientist Heather Bernard unwittingly reuses a prototype memory prosthetic to treat dementia, her patient suddenly recalls another person's memories. On hearing this, Spencer Child, advisor to the Board of Population Control, asks:

‘If by pure accident, a person can end up with the memories of two people, why can’t we by design have a single person with two separate personalities?’

Four years later, the first Duals emerge, Host and Essential each agreeing to be ‘awake’ for two weeks to live their lives before handing over to the other.

Forced to share Duality technology with the US in an effort to save billions of lives, the only question now is who guarantees everyone sticks to the protocol and will the rich and powerful play fair?

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