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I know for many gardening can be a little intimidating.  How many times do you hear sad stories of people putting in a whole season's worth of work only to get a few disappointing patches of growth?

Our lives are insanely busy these days. So when you invest your precious free time and end up with nothing to show for it, it can get very disheartening. 

Yes, for some, gardening comes as a natural talent. For others, some research and self-education may go into the mix. But with a few practiced steps, it can become an easily repeatable process, and with that, anyone can create a fine small space garden.

Back yard… patio… deck… living room… kitchen…

Small space gardening is a constant exercise in creative design.  Finding ways to fill in bare spots both inside and outside our homes with growth and color.  But selecting various plants you can enjoy is as easy as shopping for clothes.

Getting them to a point where they will flourish year after year… that is where we can run into trouble.  Many times over, people will buy beautiful flowers at the local nursery only to see them wilt away as they attempt to care for them.  Not for any lack of interest or effort, but simply because they took steps that weren't optimal for the plants' needs. 

Too often, I have heard from friends and family that gardening is too complicated or takes up too much of my time and effort.  And each time, I can't help but point out it is not difficult.  It does not need to take a great deal of time and effort if you don't want it to.  What it does take is the right effort.

Even if you can only spare 30 minutes a week, I know anyone can start a small, successful growing space.  No design is too small to enjoy.  Start with a couple of pots or a wide planter on your windowsill.  Become comfortable with the basics.  After that, I'd be willing to bet you'll be thinking about your whole backyard for next season.  Everyone is capable of becoming a successful home gardener.

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