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Dark-Sins, Enemies & Lovers by Natalie Brolack

A Russian secret agent lands on American soil armed with three rules: 1. Do not leave New York without the “Ledger.”. 2. Never reveal your true identity. 3. Do not fall in love. As a trained killer and a super-spy who dedicated his life to the agency he thrived under extreme pressure, William Kane considered them stupid, basic rules. His only goals were to find the mysterious ledger and avenge his parents’ murder. When he showed up at a glitzy party, hoping to find a useful clue. He ended up saving a beautiful news reporter’s life. Then discovered she was the clue he’d been searching for. Which meant protecting her. Taking her home. Having the curious blonde under his roof meant his true identity was at stake. Even worse was realizing he had a thing for this spicy woman who danced with danger (him). For the first time, he considered having the best of both worlds, until a cautionary phone call from the agency soon revealed that rules 2 and 3 were not simple, basic rules after all. William Kane will have to decide: the love of his life, or both their lives?
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