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Brightside: A Novel by Mark Tullius

In the future, telepathy isn’t a gift - it’s a criminal act. A new police force rounds up telepaths to house them in the mountains... ...but that idyllic setting is a gilded cage with freedom just out of reach. Joe hates his life. His ability to read minds gets him thrown into Brightside, a prison town far from society. Sure, he gets a new girlfriend, but the oppressive environment combined with their exposed thoughts increasingly wears at their relationship over time. After a horrible tragedy, some of the telepaths decide to make their escape. But they’re up against a vicious pack of guards who see the prisoners as dangerous freaks. Can the group’s unique abilities free them from Brightside's oppressive confines, or are they doomed to live in captivity and slowly lose their minds? If you love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or Chuck Palahniuk, grab this unputdownable psychological thriller. Find out why readers say, “Brilliantly written! I read the entire book in just one sitting.”
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