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21 year old Christian Reingold believed he had a normal everyday life with normal everyday problems. One night, in a small boat out on the water with his father on the North Cape of New Zealand, Christian discovers that he couldn't have been more wrong. Since the day of his birth, Christian has been hunted - pursued with callous intent by a shadowy figure that will stop at nothing to end his life. Christian's father Joseph - a kindly widower - is the only one who knows the true peril his son is in, as he had for 20 years worked to keep his son safe and none the wiser as to the deadly secret of his past. Until that dark and inevitable day on the water, it finally catches up with him: Christian is found once again and neither he, nor the ones he loves shall be spared from the dark hand of a merciless conspiracy. In a world he no longer recognises, Christian must discover the truth of his past, who he really is and why forces have hunted him from his cradle, before the forces in pursuit find him and carry out their vicious aims.

'Believe in Me' is part one of the two part series entitled 'The Golden Children'. A coming of age story of self-discovery mixed with mystery, drama, suspense and action, discover the truth for yourself behind Christian and the Golden Children today.
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