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Aya Gatherer is not an ordinary girl. She has only one dream: to become a cat guardian and learn how to ride the magical Firecats in the great cat parade. The Firecats are the protectors of the White Mountains, Aya’s home. Her favorite Firecat is Mika—the giant red cat at the front of the parade—and Mika’s current guardian, Master Lazu, needs a new apprentice. Aya is not the only one with her eyes set on the open apprenticeship, however. Aya’s worst enemy Balda wants it, too.

With Master Lazu's decision only days away, Aya discovers that a mysterious darkness threatens her wondrous world. It is about to destroy the White Mountains and everything she loves. Aya must set out on a mission, not only to become Mika's guardian, but to save her home. She will go far and learn who her friends and enemies really are…

Genre: Children's
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