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Assassins and Angels Book 1 by WL (Bud) Gorman

Strong men. Strong women. Dangerous times. In the aftermath of a conflict with Russia in the arctic. Canada has fragmented. Its provinces, now on their own, live on the edge of chaos and anarchy due to rampant and violent criminal activity. The Premier of Ontario makes a bold but controversial decision. She hires professional security contractors to assist her limited police resources. Steven Grace is the leader of Sabre – a multinational team of former special forces operators. Their mission is to support The Premier's referendum effort that is meant to be first step toward re-uniting Canada. But the going is tough. Organized crime, outlaw bikers, white supremacists, 'adrenaline jihadis', and assassins are all controlled by one man, from behind the scenes. A man who was responsible for Grace's court martial and disgrace during the arctic conflict. Steven Grace wants redemption. From his former country, and from a father who disowned him after his court martial. And from a former fiancée whom he left behind.
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