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In a world with Google, Yelp, and other online review services, a business can't survive without great 5-star reviews. Law firms are no different. Every time a potential client looks up a lawyer and sees very few (or no) reviews, that client takes their case somewhere else. It's an unwritten rule of the internet: without reviews, you won't get clients.

Reviews are great word of mouth, excellent social proof, and they make search engines like Google pay attention to their websites and recommend them to potential new clients. So why do so few lawyers focus on getting as many 5-star reviews as they can for their law firms?

Some lawyers think they don't have the time. Some are intimidated by how to set up a system to turn satisfied clients into 5-star reviews. And some are just afraid of asking for reviews and getting negative ones that they can't get rid of!

In 5-Star Attorney, you'll learn an effective, inexpensive way to automate the process of getting great reviews for your law firm so you'll reach more potential clients and get more new cases and new revenue. This book shows you how to:

  • Attract new clients like a magnet through positive reviews without spending a dime
  • Create a continuous influx of 5-star reviews
  • Turn past clients into your best salespeople
  • Protect your firm from bad reviews
  • Turn good reviews into more clients and more revenue

No matter the size of your firm or the practice area, this system works to build up your 5-star reviews, get your law firm recommended by search engines, and bring in more cases and revenue for your firm. Get started growing your firm with 5-star reviews today!

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