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The Fixer by Bentley Chance

Date: 10/19/2023
When the mob had a problem they knew just the man to take care of it. They called him "The Fixer". Bentley Chance is a retired lieutenant with over thirty years at a mid-size Washington...
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Date: 10/18/2023
In the spring of 1870, Cade Wilson is one of three orphans of the American Civil War that meet a samurai warrior from Japan in the northern New Mexico Territory. This warrior trains these young...
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Date: 08/11/2023
Before End Game, people live their everyday lives, doing simple things and being human.Cowboy isn't like most people. As an elite hitman, his days are anything but routine. His work takes him all around the...
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Date: 04/26/2023
The Sword and the Gun In 1865, the American Civil War comes to an end, and the United States enters the Reconstruction era of postwar rebuilding and industrial development. In 1868, Japan establishes a more...
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Date: 03/31/2023
Ben Roberts hears voices…alien voices.When word of his abilities spreads through the galactic grapevine, Ben ranks number one on an A.I.’s most wanted list to become their cybernated slave. A bleak prospect, but what if...
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Red Storm: Complete Series by James Rosone

Date: 02/28/2023
Deep in the Kremlin, a plan is hatched……to restore Russia’s place in the world.Will the Ukrainian army fold as they expect?A sleeping giant is awake, but it’s not the one the world expects. The first...
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Nomad: A Damocles Thriller by Darren Guthrie

Date: 02/26/2023
A U.N convoy is ambushed and slaughtered by Al-Qaeda fighters in remote Afghanistan. This seemingly random attack sets off an investigation by Sergeant Tommy Reeves, British S.A.S and the only survivor of the ambush. As...
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African Sun Rising by David Pratt

Date: 02/10/2023
This story, based on the author’s own experiences in Southern Africa, follows the exciting, and unforgettable adventure of Benjamin Frost as he canoes down the Zulu river in South Africa.Frost has returned to the Dark...
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Date: 01/07/2023
A mysterious contagion devastates civilization. Numbers of infected swell beyond measure, and they are running out of victims upon which to feed. Outlaws roam free, plundering naïve survivors in search of shelter and protection from...
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Date: 01/03/2023
What would YOU do if you woke up in a place that was heavily alien and you had no idea how you got there? Max wakes up suddenly to find he is a prisoner in...
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